Ann Gurnell, Master, York Guild of Media Arts

Ann first worked in York for the York Area Economic Development Unit with a small marketing agency in the city. She then moved to the world of cultural visitor attractions and heritage at Continuum Attractions – one of the organisations born out of the creation of Jorvik Viking Centre – which has contributed to the city’s reputation and excellence in museum and attraction development. This included launching new attractions including York’s Chocolate Story.

She was involved with York’s UNESCO City of Media Arts bid, and became a founder member of York’s newest Guild – the Guild of Media Arts. She is now Master of the Guild. Ann says:

“I find myself part of over 600 years of tradition. I still gaze across rooms at events of other guilds, and know that women still have a long way to go in terms of equality of representation though there is a time lag. We are new and set up to be inclusive in every way, whilst some of the other guilds are still working through a different legacy from a less equal time”

Sources: Guild of Media Arts, York Press