Harriet Fawcett, Politician and Trade Unionist

Harriet Fawcett (1881-1930) Harriet was born in 1881 to John and Harriet Turton at Birkin near Pontefract in South Yorkshire. She was one of six children. John was an agricultural labourer. In 1901 Harriet was living in Hunslet, Leeds and working as a shop keepers assistant. She married Fred Albert Fawcett in 1906 in York […]

Virginia Shaw, Housing Support Services

Virginia ‘Ginnie’ Shaw was initiator and foundermember of East Yorkshire Housing Association (EYHA) in Bridlington in 1980s, arising out of research carried out by the local Shelter group into the lack of housing with support for homeless young people. Its first project was to house homeless young people in supported housing in a street house […]